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Researching a developer when buying off the plan

December 22, 2020

What kind of research should you do before you purchase an off-plan property? It falls into two categories - research to make sure you're buying the right property for you, and also research to make sure you get a quality product. 

Comparing properties 

Before you decide to buy an off plan property, do some research to compare the development to others on the market. How does it match up? Look at:

  • Views
  • Outlook
  • Completion time
  • The size of the apartment (floor space varies considerably even with the same number of bedrooms)
  • Complex amenities like a gym, pool or sauna
  • Parking
  • Security features
How do I research a developer or builder?
  1. Look online. All reputable developers and builders will have a detailed website with past projects.
  2. Speak to the agent about what experience the developer has and details of their other projects.
  3. Visit other developments. Especially if the developer has been in the business a long time, it’s worth visiting older developments to see how they’re holding up after 20+ years.
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