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Collection Notice Personal Information

As part of registering, Independent Property Group (IPG)* collects personal information including your name and contact details. 

IPG collects, uses and discloses personal information for the purpose of conducting its business. This includes providing information about our events, publications and services (such as properties for sale or lease) that may be of interest to you.

You can ‘opt out’ of receiving promotional communications at any time using the procedure detailed in those communications or in our privacy policy. If you choose not to give us your personal information, we may not be able to provide the services you asked for or keep you informed.

We may disclose personal information to other members of the IPG group, as well as third parties engaged by us to provide products or services, or to undertake functions or activities, on our behalf. We may also disclose information where authorised by you. We store personal information in the ‘cloud’, including on servers located in the United States of America.

IPG’s privacy policy contains further information about how you can access and correct your personal information, your consent to overseas disclosure, how you can complain about a breach of your privacy, as well as further information about how we will manage your personal information.

*IPG includes Dexar Group P/Ltd ABN 59 143 715 959, Independent Property Group Sales P/Ltd ABN 60 143 878 353, Independent Property Management (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 75 143 878 415, Independent Strata Management P/Ltd ABN 65 143 715 986, Clarity Financial Group P/Ltd ABN 83 143 878 451 IPG Belconnen (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 45 158 545 398, IPG Civic (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 72 158 545 450, IPG Dickson (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 62 158 545 405, IPG Gungahlin (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 85 158 545 503, IPG (Queanbeyan) P/Ltd ABN 53 153 125 190, IPG Tuggeranong (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 64 158 545 414, IPG Woden (ACT) P/Ltd ABN 70 158 545 441 any related bodies corporate.

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