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Renting out your property doesn’t have to be complicated. Sure, there’s a lot to it, but that’s why we have a team of 30+ property management specialists on it. We have the resources and the expertise to handle everything and you can trust us when you say we’ve got your back.


During our 60 years in real estate we have worked hard (really hard) to simplify the rental process, refining it into something refreshingly straightforward. It’s about minimal stress for you and your tenant.

So, here is how we do things a little differently:

  • We provide monthly and end of financial year statements
  • Other agents charge to pay utility bills - We don’t
  • We believe in preventative maintenance and will develop an assist register to protect your property
  • There are $0 administration fees and $0 upfront fees
  • Our fee structure is completely transparent
"All of my interactions with Independent Property Management have consistently been professional and prompt. I would highly recommend the team at Independent."
- Kelvin
"Independent respond to all of my issues or queries (no matter how small) promptly and follows up to ensure the best outcome."
- Annie
"I have been a client of Independent for over 22 years. All my property managers have been attentive and have taken excellent care of my needs."
- Andrew
"One of the best property managers I have been with. Highly professional and very friendly."
- Sheren
"My property has been promptly managed by Independent since about 2002."
- David

Our services

Got a property you want to rent out? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
Tenancy agreements
Our comprehensive tenancy agreements ensure you, your property and your tenant are all protected.
Industry best inventory and condition reports
Our extensive and detailed condition reports ensure your property is kept in tip top condition.
Electronic routine inspections and 90-day maintenance reporting
Our digital scheduling system means we don’t miss a beat when it comes to ensuring routine inspections are carried out on time.
Rent reviews
We perform regular rent reviews to ensure you are not missing out on additional rent when the market changes.
Complimentary investment property health checks and rental appraisals
Our experienced team will examine your property and let you know how much your property should be worth in the current rental market. The best part is it costs you $0.
Regular and long leases available
Our long-term leases provide both property owners and tenants with the opportunity to secure financial and housing stability for terms of up to 5 years.
Proactive management of breaches
We are quick to handle any breaches of contract that might occur during the duration of the lease.
Maintenance-proactive and responsive
Proactive and responsive solutions to any maintenance issues that might occur.
Vacate guides and expectations
Our detailed guides provide clarity for you and your tenant by making it clear what is expected of them when they move out.
Electronic records
All our records are stored digitally to ensure ease of access and accuracy.
After hours emergency line
Got an emergency? You can call us anytime on our dedicated emergency line.

Advice and support

To us, Property Management is about more than getting the bills paid and arranging maintenance - we want to help you build wealth.

We can provide guidance on how to maximise the return on your investment property and increase your portfolio through. This includes talking through:

  • Legislation changes
  • Tax depreciation
  • Risk management
  • Relationship management
  • Maintenance best practice
  • Insurance claims


Long lease scheme

Our long lease scheme was created to counteract the problems that arise from short term leases.

Long leases last from 2-5 years and provide income stability for landlords while also reducing wear and tear from multiple tenants moving in and out of a property. 


Investment property portfolio health check

Is your investment property living up to it’s potential?

Our investment property health check will help you get the highest possible return on investment. Plus, the best part is it is completely free! Learn more about our investment property health check here.

Get more from your investment

We want to help you get more out of your investment and are sure that no matter what sort of property you are thinking of leasing out, we are up to the task.

Drop us a line to learn more about how we can help.

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