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Are you ready to sell?

March 26, 2019

Thinking of selling? Make sure you have thought through what selling really means and what you will do once you have sold. The reality of selling often only hits once that first offer comes in.

The wrong reasons to sell

‘Testing the market’
- Sometimes buyers put their property on the market wanting to ‘test it’ and are unwilling to sell unless they get a certain price, intending to put it on the market again at a later date. As a result, these properties can seem stale to potential buyers, who sometimes know everything that’s been on the market in the past 12 months. Once you pull the trigger to sell there should be no turning back.

‘Somebody said I should’ – Sellers can feel pressured into putting their property up for sale by a trusted friend or relative. In these cases, the seller often lacks the personal motivation and want to sell which can negatively impact the sale.

Where to start

A great result starts with figuring out what’s important to you. Have the confidence to make the right decision by talking with your agent about your reasons for selling, what you want to achieve from the sale, what’s important to you in an agent and what you expect from them.

What are the most important things to you in an agent? 
  • Agency size
  • Negotiating skills
  • Fees
    Marketing costs
  • Exposure/ appearance
  • Strategy
  • Feedback & communication
  • Open home exhibitions
  • Time frame
  • Sale price
  • Trusted brand
  • Relationship with agent
Things you can do to maximise the potential of your home before engaging an agent.
  1. Think about what buyers want:
    Walk around your home with a critical eye. Look for any points of disrepair or issues a potential buyer might immediately pick up on.
  2. Take photos:
    Take some photos of your home with your camera phone. They don’t have to be perfect, the aim here is to get an idea of what your home looks from all different angles and if any repairs and/ or decluttering needs to happen.
  3. Get a pest report:
    When it comes to selling the more information about your home you have, the better. This report will help you deal with any issues if there are some or improve your position by showing potential buyers your home is pest free.

Finally, you need to find an agent. We’ve got some great tips on what you should be looking for in an agent and what questions to ask.

It’s important to get your property listing right the first time.

People who have been looking for a while tend to quickly pounce on new listings.

Before contacting a potential agent make sure you have asked yourself these important questions:

  • When are you thinking of selling?
  • What do you think your property is worth?
  • Why did you buy the property?
  • What is the best thing about the location?
  • What is the property’s most attractive features?
  • What type of buyer do you think will like your home?
  • What did you enjoy/ not enjoy about your past real estate experiences? 
  • Do you have any special requirements for the sale?