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Commercial real estate: why invest and what works

February 07, 2023

Thinking of investing in property? Have you considered commercial?

Property has proven time and time again to be a solid investment choice, especially in the ACT, where the market is protected from much of the instability of other states and their capitals.

Local shopping centres, office buildings and industrial warehouses are a few examples of commercial real estate.

Commercial real estate in Canberra, which is growing in size and population each year, offers significant potential.

Nicole Short, Independent Property Group’s Head of Commercial, Facilities and Build to Rent Asset Management, says there are a few main benefits to investing in commercial property.

“With commercial properties, the owner can secure tenants with longer term leases, creating a consistent and oftentimes higher passive income stream,” she explains.

“There is also the opportunity for astute investors to start with a small portfolio, diversify their existing property portfolio, scale up and achieve capital growth with commercial property purchases in either expansion corridors or areas where there is strong tenancy demand.”

In shopping centres and retail precincts, Nicole explains the most profitable commercial outcomes occur when owners and tenants work cohesively and have a vested interest in promotion and overall success of the precinct.

Independent Commercial launched in November 2023 to meet the needs of clients and deliver a unique, personal experience in the industry.

If you’re interested in selling, leasing, or exploring the potential of investing in commercial property, please contact our expert commercial real estate agents today to find out how we Make It Happen.