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April 18, 2019
In the 2018-2019 budget, Chief Minister Andrew Barr announced big changes to the Canberra property market: the end of stamp duty for first home buyers and the termination of the First Home Owner Grant. We look at whether or not you're better off buying now or waiting until the new financial year.
April 07, 2019
A quick overview about what strata is, what it does and key terminology
April 07, 2019
We’re going to call it—strata is possibly one of the most widely misunderstood concepts in the real estate industry. Few seem to ‘get it’, and few seem to know just how important it is to be actively involved in the dealings of their Owners Corporation and/or Executive Committee.
April 07, 2019
This is the second part of our 3 part series which answers common question about buying a new property off the plan, specifically in townhouse or apartment projects. Last time we covered the major benefits of buying off plan. Today we’ll focus on strategies you can use to find the right property.

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