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If you’ve got the drive, determination and tenacity to take on new challenges, we have a wide range of career opportunities for you.


Working at Independent Property Group is more than just a job. It’s a community of diverse people who are committed to seeing you succeed and being your biggest cheerleaders when you do.

We provide ongoing training and the best technology platforms for all our employees to ensure that we have the most knowledgeable people in their fields.

There are plenty of opportunities to receive mentorship from industry leaders to help you grow in your career. That’s probably why our employees stick around. We love what we do and the people who do it.

With teams specialising in all aspects of real estate, the opportunities are endless at Independent.

As the largest property company in Canberra, with expert teams working across residential sales, off-plan projects, strata management, property management and building management, the opportunities are endless.

Even if you don’t fancy a client-facing role, as a full-service property business we have enabling services of HR, finance, marketing & IT where you can put your skills and experience to good use in a fun, dynamic workplace.

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Strong Leadership
Our leadership team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experience, bringing a range of strategic and operational skills. Their approachable nature allows for collaboration and discussions across all areas of the business, and they pride themselves on listening to feedback and continuing to make positive change for the future.
Our flexible work policy enables our people to seamlessly meet their commitments, both inside and outside work. Whether that means flexible start and finish times or working from home, we will always try and help to mold work around your life in a way that suits you.
Employee Benefits
Working in real estate definitely has it perks. Many of our employees have purchased property early on in their lives because of the exposure they receive within the industry. Not only that, we have some great incentives, bonuses, benefits and savings across different areas of the business.

Ensuring our team members are happy and fulfilled in their work is key and making time to have fun is part of that. Which is why we invest in a sociable and friendly staff culture - both in and out of business hours.

We don’t just work together, we play together at numerous events during the year organised through our employee social club, awards evenings and make time for team lunches, and celebrations.

“The culture is fantastic, it really feels like tight-knit community – and having mentors that have been in the industry for such a long time is invaluable.”
"I'm lucky to collaborate with a team of people who are always happy to help each other. It means coming to work doesn't feel like work."
“The scale & support provided by the team allows me to focus on what I want to be doing – listing & selling – not worrying about tools or technology.”
"The company has supported my studies, both financially and with workload adjustments. The diversity and career growth opportunities are endless."
"I love my job at Independent because there is always a new challenge, and hard work is rewarded."
"I have had every helping hand along the way, supporting my career with training, coaching and leadership progression."
"I love the collaborative culture the most! With work-life balance, great team environment and massive opportunity to develop skills, what more could I want?"
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