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Successful developments are the result of careful planning, expert marketing and great team synergy. Independent is unique in its ability to offer a multidisciplinary team that can support you throughout the lifecycle of your development. We offer support to both developers and buyers throughout the process to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Meet our projects team

Operations Manager
Senior Marketing Officer
Project Manager
Administration Assistant
Head of Commercial Leasing & BtR Asset Management

A multidisciplinary approach

Project Management
Supported by the Administration & Buyer Communications teams, the Project Manager oversees all aspects of the project, taking full ownership of key milestone progress as well as managing & mitigating risk relating to project objectives. They develop & oversee deployment of sales & release strategies & are responsible for ensuring agreed targets are achieved. Maintaining engagement of the sales team & providing continual stock knowledge are a major priorities for this role.

Working with creative agencies, marketing teams or directly with development teams, the Marketing Coordinator analyses, advises & assists with the management of brand development, marketing strategies & multi-channel campaigns. Their support in the management of marketing budgets & ROI analysis ensures the investment is efficiently allocated.

Strata Management
With a deep knowledge of strata legislation & a strong understanding of the implications of functional planning decisions, the Business Development Manager analyses plans for optimal liveability & strata cost outcomes. Their planning advice & recommendations enhance project saleability, development quality & developer reputation.

Property Management
Informed by hyper-localised market knowledge, the Investment Consultant provides unit mix advice & recommendations based on their knowledge of rental demand potential & opportunities in the market to maximise rental yields. They provide ongoing rental estimate updates & property investment education to enable the sales team to effectively target & convert investors.

Leveraging their on-the-ground engagement with customers, our Sales Team provides ongoing price guide recommendations that reflect market demand. They project & prepare for possible market objections & provide constant feedback to help direct pricing & marketing strategies.

Mortgage Brokering
With a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, the Mortgage Brokers provide ongoing financial advice and market updates to the sales team to help them mitigate settlement risk for buyers. They brief stakeholders regarding financial legislation changes and the implications for the development and buyers.

Our services

• Market research • Development site assessment • Unit mix optimisation • Territory guideline compliance
Marketing and Communication
• Strategic advertising and marketing • In-depth reporting at all stages • Brand identity • A full suite of engaging marketing materials
• Prospecting and buyer identification • A high impact public launch • Intriguing marketing campaigns • Proactive marketing to our buyer database • Comprehensive development training for all sales people
Ongoing Support
• Assisting buyers in arranging finance for settlement • Educating buyers on strata and renting investment properties • Arranging final inspections and ensuring processing of payments • Generating high pre-sales, which leads to earlier building commencement and faster settlement • Attendance of first strata meeting to help answer questions

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