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How much are property management fees?

Investing in property has continually proven to be a solid, reliable way to increase your income while diversifying your portfolio.

A good property manager is worth their weight in gold when it comes to maintaining one of your most important assets.

Understanding how much you can expect to pay and what you get for those fees is important.

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How to compare property management fees

Property management fees are more complex than a single number or percentage. We break down the different structures used and how to make accurate comparisons.

Ancillary fees

One of the components of property management is dealing with the issues that come up on an irregular basis, like advertising your property for sale, administrative costs or attending tribunal hearings.

Some companies roll these fees into their overall structure, while others separate them out. Making the choice that suits best for you and your situation is important.

Is cheaper always better?

You are paying an expert to be on top of every aspect of your property, to protect your important asset. This property you worked hard to buy and that is intended to improve your financial position should not be put at risk through poor management. Don’t scrimp on the important things.

Can I manage the property myself?

You can, but it will be one of many priorities for you, while a property managers job is staying on top of the situation. They have systems in place and knowledge of the industry that the average person would not have. This protects your asset and your sanity.

How property managers can save you money

Keeping up to date with tenancy laws, dealing with complaints, ensuring rent is paid on time, pricing your property most effectively and dealing with maintenance issues are just come of the jobs a property manager does for you. Saving you time and money.

Canberra property management fees

A guide to what you should expect and how to save time and money

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