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Getting into the market is very doable, if you know how. 

Plenty of people in their 20s are buying their first home without their parents bankrolling it. Their secret is that they have more information than you do. That's why we created this page, so that we can hand over the insider info that has helped so many of our team achieve independence.  

The Ultimate First Home Buyer email course

Not sure if you're ready to buy? Got a deposit but no idea what to do next? Take our free 6-day email course for first home buyers. We cover:
> How much $$$ you need
> How to choose a property
> How to get a loan
> The process of buying
> What happens between offer and settlement


Buying off the plan can get you into the market sooner 

Buying off the plan is a great way to get your foot on the property ladder. It gives you the opportunity to purchase at today's prices for a low deposit, giving you a couple of years to save. With a raft of incentives often available, it's an attractive option for buyers looking to retain their social lifestyle.

We take you through everything you need to know in order to buy off the plan - from what you should be asking at a display suite through to settlement. 

Got lots of questions? So did Samara... 

And she filmed Every. Single. One. So, of course, we answered them. Follow her journey as she buys her first home and hear all the advice we gave to her.

The pros and cons of buying an existing property vs. off-the-plan 

Get a FREE buyer's consultation

Ready to buy? Not sure? A no-obligation chat with one of our agents can help your determine if you can buy your first property sooner rather than later.
> Discover how to prepare to buy
> Learn how to get into the market
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