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We use data from the last time your home was listed along with recent sales in your area to develop an estimate of what your home could sell for. Enter your property address to get an instant appraisal.


What's my home worth?

Understanding the value of your home is the first step in your next property journey

Our online appraisal above uses existing data to develop this estimate, but we recommend getting a more detailed, personal appraisal from an agent.

They will compare your property to similar homes that have sold near your location recently. They’ll measure that against current market conditions and trends, and take into account any unique features your property might have.

Market conditions are always changing, and no one can guarantee a particular price (not even our sophisticated AI). However, a good agent will be able to give you an accurate sense of where your property sits in the market and the price range you can expect.

Online vs detailed appraisal

What’s the difference?

The purpose of a detailed, professional market appraisal is to cover 3 key areas. These include:

> the likely price range your property could achieve based on current marketing conditions and competition
> recommendations to assist you to achieve the best outcome in a sales process
> marketing advice to suit your property and circumstances.

Our online appraisal gives you a house sale price estimate only and is a great place to start your journey.

Why get an appraisal?

Knowledge is power and knowing what your home is worth is important even if you’re not planning to sell. For most of us, our property is our most valuable asset. Wouldn’t you want to know what it’s worth?

You might:
> Be getting posted out of the area or accepting an inter-state job
> Have change in personal circumstances
> Be considering an investment property and want to know how much equity you have.
> Be planning to renovate and want to understand how much value it could add
> Want to start a family and upsize into a larger home
> Be dreaming of that sea-change now your adult children have moved out of home

What will agents take into consideration?

Agents consider your property as a whole, including size, location, condition, special features and factors currently effecting the market.

Property size

Your real estate agent will take into account the size of the block, the overall living space and how many rooms the home has. The more bedrooms, the higher the price your property could sell for, but that’s not the end of the story. A large living area or second family room can up the value, as can a large garden or outside areas like a garage or workshop. Bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms or walk-in robes might also change the equation. Your agent needs to understand the size of the property so they can better compare it against others.

Interior condition

New carpets? The latest in light fittings? Buyers will often pay more for a home with new or upscale interior fittings and fixtures because it means that they don’t have to spend more money on updating it.

Likewise, a renovated bathroom or kitchen can make a huge difference in how much you can get for your property. In fact, if you’re considering a renovation or update, it’s a great idea to get an appraisal first. Real estate agents can give you guidance on what spending is most likely to have the biggest impact on your sale price.

Your needs

This may include timing, personal requirements in the sale process, contingencies that need to be addressed, and support required. A professional agent can provide advice about property enhancements that could improve your bottom line or recommendations on seasonal and other impacts of decision making.


The location of your property is perhaps its biggest selling point. In fact, it’s so important that in some cases, houses on one street can go for more money than the ones just one block over. If your property is close to the CBD, it will generally be worth more than one further out — unless it’s on the waterfront or other prestigious location. Homes close to shops, schools and public transport hubs are popular. If you’re in the zone for a well-reputed school, for example, it can add serious money to the selling price. Your immediate location matters as well. Quiet, well-kept streets with quality homes and minimal traffic noise will always be more pleasant to buyers.

Your agent will also take into consideration any new developments in the area, including planned shopping centres, new apartment blocks or changes to local transport. Your location may also for into redevelopment zones. All of these could impact the sale price of your home.

The local market

Online data can tell you what homes have sold for recently that are similar to yours and near you. What it can’t tell you is how many people came through the open homes and what feedback those people gave about what they were looking for in a property. It doesn’t know if the key selling point of that home was the second bathroom or the yoga studio out the back. It doesn’t know if other properties nearby are about to go on the market. This kind of insight, which a local agent can provide, may influence your decisions about when to sell and what to do to your property beforehand.

Get a market appraisal report

Your contact-free online sale price estimate

Enter your address for an instant contact-free online price estimate—no strings attached! If you want more personalised information afterwards, request a detailed appraisal report.

Got questions about the selling process?

Maybe it’s the first time you’re selling, or maybe it’s been a while since you’ve put your home on the market. Either way, we’re happy to answer any questions you’ve got to help make the experience as smooth as possible. Drop us a line!