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Kirsty Jones
Administration Support

Kirsty started her real estate journey with Independent in September 2019. Working part time in the Field Services team has given her the best opportunity for the perfect work/life balance of having a new career while raising her two children.

She thrives on learning new things about the industry every day and is always up for a challenge. She has a bubbly personality and enjoys her time spent in the office and also out in the field. She never repeats the same day twice and loves helping her team and other staff members on anything that may need to be done.

As it's her home town, Kirsty has great knowledge of Canberra, so she loves getting out and seeing what Canberra has to offer on a Property Management level. She loves helping clients with enquiries, recording inventory condition reports on new business properties and going out and inspecting tenants properties for their routine inspections.

All in all, she is loving her career path in the real estate industry and continues to grow and work hard every day.

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