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Our expertise and proven processes mean we can amplify your project’s appeal to ensure success. We’ll help you connect with your buyer, maximise your sales and achieve your business goals.

Through careful planning and expert marketing, we achieve enhanced sales results. We also offer support to both developers and buyers throughout the process to ensure everything runs smoothly, with a focus on 4 main service areas:


  • Market research
  • Development site assessment
  • Unit mix optimisation
  • Territory guideline compliance
  • Management of the development approval process

Marketing and Communication

  • Strategic advertising and marketing
  • In-depth reporting at all stages
  • Brand identity
  • A full suite of engaging marketing materials


  • Prospecting and buyer identification
  • A high impact public launch
  • Intrigue marketing campaigns
  • Proactive marketing to our buyer database
  • Comprehensive development training for all salespeople

Ongoing Support

  • Assisting buyers in arranging finance for settlement
  • Educating buyers on strata and renting investment properties
  • Arranging final inspections and ensuring processing of payments
  • Generating high pre-sales, which leads to earlier building commencement and faster settlement
  • Attendance of the first strata meeting to help answer questions

As a multi-disciplinary team of experienced real estate professionals, we’ve been leaders in the marketing and sales of residential developments in the ACT area for over 20 years. Our knowledge and experience, commitment to great client experiences and creative marketing expertise mean we can add value at every stage of your project.

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Director, Project Marketing

Wayne leads a dedicated team responsible for the project marketing & management of a large percentage of new developments in Canberra, working with leading builders, developers and government to ensure that they achieve the best possible results for their stakeholders. His extensive experience and knowledge has given him the ability to identify what will give individual project developments the greatest chance of success. He also provides advice and manages sales for the Land Development Authority.

Assistant Director, Project Marketing

Cassandra started with the Independent property Group in 2004 working alongside Wayne Harriden & was quick to establish a name for herself within the company wining multiple awards, moving into her current role as Assistant Director of Project Marketing in late 2015. Cassandra has developed a great understanding of real estate from new developments and land releases to the established market. Her commitment, passion & exceptional relationships within the industry have allowed her to build a long term Career within the industry.

Director Project Planning

As the Head of Project Planning, David works with Independents' clients to advise on development feasibility & planning related issues. He has continued his education and understanding of the planning and development process, and now focuses on planning, feasibility and design issues. David's advice, assistance and knowledge is often the edge in a very competitive market.

Project Manager

Jack Mason is a highly enthusiastic and driven real estate professional. Jack is an Associate Member of the Australian Property Institute with Certified Practicing Valuer status. His Valuation experience combined with his sales ability made the perfect fit for the Independent Project Marketing Team. He is particularly savvy in identifying points of difference over the competition and executing the marketing strategy to the specific target market. Jack believes that even in a poor market there are 'sell out' opportunities by giving the market a reason to purchase.


Project Communications Officer

Migrating to Australia in 1986, Sheryll Mangubat has seen Canberra expand in size and beauty. Having honed her exceptional customer service skills in Hospitality and Telecommunications, Sheryll has shown a great aptitude as Independent Project Marketing’s Project Communications Officer.

Sheryll provides progress reports to off-plan purchasers, assists with inquiries and coordinates events for the Project Marketing team.

Still learning the ropes in the Real Estate industry, Sheryll has proven herself to be a proactive member of the team.

Project Marketing Coordinator

Nick attained his Bachelor of Commerce in 2012, majoring in Marketing and International Business. His experience working in marketing and communication roles at Defence Housing Australia (DHA) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) have honed his skills in these fields. During his tenure in the IPG Project Marketing team, Nick has actively contributed to the Suburban Residential Program for the Asbestos Response Taskforce. He has performed tasks such as registering bidders on the night of auctions, recording auction bids and crowd monitoring. Nick is currently in the process of becoming a registered sales agent.

Project Marketing Administrator

Tareyn’s extensive experience in the hospitality and finance sector has provided her with skills in sales, social media and customer service. This skill set will help has helped her succeed as our Project Administrator, assisting in event management and communications for our campaigns.

Project Marketing Office Manager

Nichole's years of administrative and management experience in various fields including Facilities Management, commercial real estate and multiple medical industries make her an exceptional office manager, ensuring that the Projects team is successful in all areas.

Project Marketing Assistant

Kellie has worked in administration, customer service and business roles within the real estate industry for the past 4 years. With a broad range of skills and expertise, Kellie promises to be a valuable asset in assisting with the various tasks within the Projects team.