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The month of October...

Well our forecast of October being a strong month certainly eventuated. There is a lot of positive feelings about the market and we are certainly seeing an increase in activity.

This month alone we have started behind the scenes work for 15 new properties coming onto the market shortly, concurrently securing buyers for 10 properties on the market. This increased activity is reflected in open home numbers, in fact on 1 weekend alone we met over 150 active groups of buyers in the market.

The great news is we are even better placed to continue to provide our high level of service to all of these active buyers (there are quite a few at the moment!). Our new IT system was launched, powered by highly regarded system Salesforce so we are excited for its future potential, even already we are seeing streamlined procedures. All we can say is watch this space!

Its times like this we appreciate our team of 4 full time members. At any one time we can be in 4 places at once, and let us tell you there were plenty of those times over this past month. How a solo agent manages the 100+ tasks involved in each property whilst maintaining a high level of service we really don’t know. In fact we are now considering the next stage in the team and bringing someone in for a sales cadet ship. We are in the early stages of putting together some job descriptions, but we are super excited for the next evolution in the team and what that could mean for someone young and enthusiastic about the industry. If someone jumps to mind now is the time to send them our way so, please get in touch.

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