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Mark Larmer
Licensed Agent and Auctioneer

If you’ve ever come into contact with Mark Larmer, you know instantly that he’s passionate about property, revels in real estate and takes to talking like a fish to water. If you haven’t had the pleasure before, you can expect all this and more from the decorated agent and licenced auctioneer. Across a near 20-year career Mark has honed his skills to an expert level, tried and tested almost every industry change and collected a team of innovative forward thinkers that have taken his business from strength to strength. 

Originally from New Zealand, this Kiwi is what you could call a hybrid having now lived in Australia for 20 years. And while he dips his head back over to the motherland every now and then (like when he competed in the 2018 Australasian Auctioneering Championship) Aussie soil is where he calls home with his two beautiful children Imogen and Zachary.  

Having sold thousands of properties, there’s nothing you could tell or ask Mark that he hasn’t heard before which is why he’s always prepped with a solution. From solo agent, to team member then to auctioneer, he’s held every role a sales agent can and could run an entire campaign from start to finish if need be providing him with unparalleled communication methods. Though now he chooses to disperse the workload to the specialised team members surrounding him in order to better serve each client.  

‘Ourteam’ is a carefully constructed group of three agents working as one within Independent Property Group. Tania, Mark & Aaron bring exceptionally different skills to the team which allows for a balanced and unique structure you’re unlikely to experience anywhere else. Mark, the auctioneer, harnesses his extensive knowledge of the industry to influence growth while Tania propels the team forward each year with her unparalleled management and affinity with clients. Aaron carries the biggest soul of the bunch as he is renowned for his compassionate client care and willingness to work around to clock to make things happen. All whole-heartedly believe in building strong everlasting relationships not only with their clients but with their friends and family, painters, plumbers, buildings, stylists and more all for the sole ability to be able to offer an unbeatable service and enjoyable experience. 

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