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Our facilities management services assist in keeping your building in pristine condition while looking after all areas of compliance.

We work closely with your executive committee and strata manager to look after your asset.

We provide a wide range of services to suit the needs of your complex, including general building and minor maintenance works, monitoring contractor performance and pricing, ensuring compliance with work health and safety laws and proactive management and reporting of building faults and repairs.


Work Health and Safety

We will provide and maintain a safe workplace for all clients, contractors, visitors, and our staff by:

  • Implementing our comprehensive Workplace Health and Safety Management System
  • Identifying hazards, developing safe work procedures and continually improving site safety
  • Monitoring compliance with all statutory requirements
  • Promoting safe work practices among staff and contractors

Common Areas

We will maintain the common areas of your complex by:

  • Ensuring that swipe cards, intercom systems and entry doors are working
  • Inspecting all common areas for lighting, cleanliness and potential hazards
  • Monitoring emergency service control panels and fire equipment for faults
  • Ensuring entry stairs and exit routes are free of damage or trip hazards

Fire Stairs

Fire stairs are an essential part of any complex. We will maintain them by:

  • Inspecting all fire hydrants and sprinkler systems for compliance, leaks and tampering
  • Ensuring entry and exit doors operate properly
  • Inspecting and maintaining sensor and emergency lighting
  • Inspecting stairwells and handrails for stability, cleanliness and clear access

Garbage Rooms

We will keep your complex clean, sanitary and free of waste by:

  • Inspecting, servicing and maintaining the mechanical equipment in bin room
  • Condensing recycling, sorting items and removing hard waste from general rubbish
  • Washing, maintaining and repairing bins
  • Cleaning bin room area

Gardens and Recreational Areas

We keep outdoor areas attractive, safe and well maintained for all residents to enjoy. Services include:

  • Keeping gardens, footpaths and mailbox areas free of obstruction, rubbish, weeds and debris
  • Inspecting shared recreation areas for cleanliness and damage
  • Ensuring that plant equipment for pools, spas and saunas is in good working condition
  • Inspecting irrigation lines and controls for correct operation

Basement Area

We keep those out-of-sight areas well maintained for the smooth functioning of your complex, including:

  • Inspecting the plumbing, drainage, sumps and sump pump controls for leaks or blockages
  • Ensuring that fire equipment works correctly
  • Ensuring car park and tenant storage areas are clean and free of debris
  • Inspecting main services rooms for security, cleanliness and technician attendance register

Plant Rooms

  • We will make sure all your plant and equipment is in good working order by:
  • Inspecting equipment for leaks, faults or evidence of tampering
  • Maintaining regular servicing of plant and equipment
  • Maintaining PPE stock levels as needed

Checking that lighting works, the space is clean and any wrongfully stored items are removed

Our Team

Your development will have an assigned building manager who knows the building and its history. Each of our building managers brings a unique skill set to the job and is able to share their knowledge and expertise with the team. With 8 dedicated team members, there’s back up when you need it.
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