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Born into a large business family, Stacey was bestowed with a lively and positive personality. She is usually overflowing with hospitality and kindness, and would always treat others with great empathy. In handling personal and professional matters, she is skilful in taking a holistic view, helping everyone to be clearer of the big picture. In the past 10 years, Stacey has acquired invaluable entrepreneurial experiences in multiple industries, including retail, media and real estate. Such experiences have transformed her customer service and project coordinating skills, which greatly promoted her understanding of life and values. Stacey is often perceived as ‘bubbly’ and approachable wherever she goes, making everyone feel closer to her.

Stacey first joined Independent Property Group in 2015 as a sales consultant, her first full-time job. With her background in Fashion Design and having achieved a Bachelor of Accounting and Masters in Finance, Stacey was fascinated with many aspects of the real estate industry, from perfecting decorations around a house to exploring interior design styles. What she found most refreshing, however, was meeting different people every day. A year into her career, Stacey was filled with affection and curiosity for this profession, but had to embark on a different journey focusing on her family and newborn child. Meanwhile, she prepared for and acquired her qualification as an ACT Licensed Agent. In 2017, passion led Stacey back to her beloved real estate world as a Property Manager.

Now with her child at school, Stacey is hoping for a more linear lifestyle, starting with a flexible but steady career path. As luck would have it, Stacey mentioned her new pursuit during a friendly visit to her previous mentor at Independent Property Group, who immediately showed tremendous support and arranged for her reinstatement. Reminiscing the good times, Stacey soon decided to re-join the IPG family and create new goals.

As a family-oriented person and mum of a 7-year-old, Stacey has perfected the balance between work and life, and also received exceptional support from her family. She is deeply satisfied with her current role and strives for a rewarding career. With her experiences, connections and the enjoyable work environment Independent Belconnen has created, Stacey is positive that she will be proud of herself as a self-fulfilled saleswoman whilst giving her clients unrivalled service.

If you are looking for someone genuine, patient and reliable, Stacey will meet your criteria to the letter! Let her guide, support and encourage you in selling your current home or assist you in the search of your dream house!

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