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48 hours in the life of a sales agent

March 23, 2019

Everyone knows that sales agents are busy. Really busy. But what is it that they actually do all day?

As buyers and sellers, we only see the calm exterior, as our agents welcome us to sparkling open homes and walk us through the paperwork. But a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to make this happen.

We asked Eliana Rojas-Terry, sales agent with Independent Tuggeranong and to share two days from her diary with us so we can see what really goes on under the surface.


I’m up around 4.30am most mornings to go to the gym before starting my day. Today I let myself sleep in until 4.45am, but then it’s all go. I don’t drink coffee, so the gym is the thing that gives me enough energy uring the day. Well, that and the fact that I enjoy my job!

All the agents get together at our favourite Tuggeranong cafe for breakfast. Saturday is usually our busiest day, so it’s a chance to pump ourselves up a bit. We talk about what we have on, how many opens we might have and if anything’s closing. It’s a real part of our team culture.

I have three open homes today, so I have to get moving. The first one is at 9.30am, but I try and get there about 20 minutes earlier. That gives me a chance to check that the house is ready and primp it a little bit.

Right now, I swing past the local florist. I always bring a bunch of flowers to put on the table for each open home. It pretties the place up, and they’re a nice thank you for the owners for all their effort in getting the place ready.

Two open homes down, one to go. I’ve called back the owners of each property to let them know how many people came through and what the interest levels were like.

Now I’m heading to an auction to meet the auctioneer on site. I’m bringing a lot of stuff with me. Veuve Cliquot for the winning bidder and a box of chocolates for the first bidder, to say thank you for breaking the ice. More flowers. It’s a bit of a show and dance, but I think it really adds to the atmosphere.

With the appointments over, I grab an hour to do follow-ups from the open homes. Anyone who’s requested a contract gets a call back first. Next, I call the other people who came to the open homes and see if they have feedback on the property. That usually takes about an hour, but it can be longer on a busy day. I’m usually home around 6pm.



Back at the gym. Sunday is usually a day off, so I’m pretty refreshed on a Monday morning.

I try and get into the office by 7am, because on Mondays we have a team meeting at 8am. At the meeting we track how many listings we had the week prior and what’s coming up, so I like to be organised for that.

Straight after the meeting I do some training with a colleague. We practice scripts and share knowledge to help us both become better listing agents.

Next, I use a block of quiet time to do admin work – responding to Sunday enquiries, getting ads written for the properties going live that week and checking that our photographers and stylists are booked for upcoming marketing campaigns.

I have a couple of settlements coming up, which means I need to get some paperwork for the solicitors or brokers that are acting on behalf of the client.

Once they’re collated, I hand them to the admin staff to make sure they go to the right recipient.

The morning’s work is out of the way, so I head home for lunch. My puppy is very pleased to see me! He’s a four-month-old mini dachshund called Bentley, and he needs a lot of love.

Bentley’s day is about to get even better: I’m off to meet a seller and buyer whose settlement went through Friday afternoon and I’m taking him with me.

What we’re doing today is placing the Sold sticker on the sign and taking photographs. Especially when a property isn’t bought at auction, this is often the first time the vendor and buyer have met, so it’s an opportunity to introduce them.

It’s a feel-good moment; they’ve accomplished something that’s made everyone happy. Today’s seller asked if Bentley could be in the photographs as well, and he’s very happy to oblige! I bring a couple of bottles of champagne as well and make a big deal about it. This is one of my favourite parts of my job, seeing everyone so happy about the sale.

Bentley’s safely back at home and I’m driving out to supervise a photography shoot for a new listing. More often than not I’m doing twilight shoots, because the light is so flattering. Now that it’s winter, I schedule the shoot for 5pm.

I’m there at every single photo shoot, because I’m particular about how they should look. I like the clients to get the best possible experience.

The last appointment of the day is an appraisal. These are usually in the evenings, because I’m working around clients who are at work during the day. I can be sitting in people’s living rooms anywhere up to around 9pm at night, so I’m glad today is a little earlier.

Home for the day. Bentley’s already asleep, and I follow his example. Got to be ready for tomorrow!


So, there you have it. A peek behind the scenes of what a sales agent does. Like Eliana, all our sales agents are independent thinkers who delight in bringing a personal touch to everything they do. We understand you and your home are one of a kind. So are our solutions.

Find out where your closest Independent office is and how our friendly sales staff can help you out. Whether you looking to buy, sell or downsize, we would love to help you out.

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